Villa in Lebanon

Published by Xinlifeng December 04,2023

Gold stainless steel room divider screen --Villa in Lebanon

Recently,more and more people would like to use stainless steel room divider screen for interior decoration.

The design of stainless steel room divider screen is novel, noble and gorgeous, and the colors are also diverse.

It is used for home decoration, beautifying the space, and is waterproof and fireproof, and easy to clean.

The meaning of the metal screen is to redefine the space, through precise design, to explore new possibilities in the process of expanding and making full use of the space.

The simple metal frame effectively divides the living room and the dining room, enriching the interior decoration.

Nowadays, the partition has become the new favorite of interior decoration, function and aesthetics. It can freely define the style of every space.

Below are some presentation from our client.

Stainless steel partition in gold mirror finish

stainless steel screen

gold stainless steel room divider

Stainless steel wall shelves in gold brushed finish

stainless steel wall shelf

Stainless steel gold mirror wall trim profile

stainless steel wall trim profile

Client's good feedback

Stainless steel partition feedback

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