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Stainless Steel Room Divider

Published by Xinlifeng December 04,2023

​Stainless steel room divider in Jing Xiang Hotel is one of our huge pieces in 2019. In this project, it needs two pieces of room dividers for decoration. We contacted and sent several samples to the hotel designer, and confirmed the design which they prefer and go up to the next step.

Details about this room divider:

Length: 634mm

High: 2950mm

Packing: Cover by poly foam in wooden case

This Neo-Chinese Style room divider is a combination between the traditional Chinese Style and Western decoration Style for Jing Xiang Hotel. For example, like the color of black, this color often uses into Western modern decoration Style: for example, the frame structure is very similar to the doors of ancient Chinese inns. This room divider design helps to present Jing Xiang Hotel simple and modern style to clients. This stainless steel partition wall is sent on time and the project leader was very satisfied with its structure and finish.

Your satisfaction is our biggest motivation.


stainless steel room divider 1

stainless steel partition wall



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