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Bedroom Dividers

Product Specification:
  • Color : Golden/Rose-Golden/Black/Sapphire blue/Bronze/Silver
  • Finish : 8K mirror/Hairline/Sandblasted/ Frosted
  • Package : PE Foam + Wooden Case Package
  • Material thickness : Customizable
  • Specification : Customized Size
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color & finish
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designed rectangle shape of geometrical. Because it is made of brown PVD finish stainless steel, stable and strong. 


 Bedroom Dividers


 8K mirror/Hairline/Sandblasted/ Frosted

 Material thickness



 Customized Size




 Fireproof, waterproof, corrosion protection,  colorful, environmental protection


Golden/Rose-gold/Black/ blue/Bronze/Silver and 


 1. Indoor or outdoor public space

 2. Living room background                                             

 3. Entrance background                  

 4. Ceiling Decoration                                            

 5. Elevator/handrail                                              

 6. Corridor        


 PE Foam + Wooden Case Package


bedroom room dividers

bedroom divider wall

    Bedroom Dividers -- Advantage of XINLIFENG

    1、Offering the full solution of “Bedroom Dividers” from drawings to finished products.

    2、Own factory, optimizing the production process according to the requirements of process combination effect.


    Notes for ordering Bedroom Dividers

    Specifications required for the Bedroom Dividers:



    3.Surface finish  


    5.CAD drawings/Rendering image


workflow of bedroom dividers

factory views of bedroom dividers

packing of bedroom dividers




 Bedroom Dividers mirror finished

 Bedroom Dividers brush finished

 Bedroom Dividers bead blasting finished

 Bedroom Dividers vibration finished

 Bedroom Dividers copper plating finished

 Bedroom Dividers newest model

 Bedroom Dividers pictures

 Bedroom Dividers cases

 Bedroom Dividers design

 Bedroom Dividers customize

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