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How to maintain stainless steel products?

Published by Xinlifeng December 04,2023

Stainless Steel Water Ripple Panel

Recently,more and more people would like to use stainless steel water ripple panel for interior decoration.

In particular, some commercial spaces, such as hotels and restaurants, alternately use stainless steel ripple panels to decorate the ceiling and other areas. The special material of stainless steel makes the space more visually rich.

The stainless steel water ripple panel is durable, strong in decorative effect, visually beautiful, high in quality, easy to clean, maintenance-free, resistant, pressure resistant, scratch resistant and does not leave fingerprints. And the three-dimensional effect created by the unevenness of the water ripples is unparalleled, the visual effect is obvious, and the regulations are very clear.

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Stainless steel ripple panel

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