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How to maintain stainless steel products?

Published by Xinlifeng December 04,2023

In our daily life, many people have not learned how to clean and maintain stainless steel products. T hey may just use a cloth with a simple detergent to scrub the stainless steel. However, when you do this, you have never recognized that the protective layer of the surface of stainless steel had been destroyed. It's also greatly shortening stainless steel service life.

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So how to properly maintain stainless steel? We're going to give you some advice:


1. Different situation using different special detergent

First, when stainless steel cover dust and easy get rid of dirt, it can be washed by soap liquid, weak detergent or warm clean water.

Second, when stainless steel cover oil or other lubricating oil pollution, it can be cleaned with a soft cloth, using neutral detergent or ammonia water or special detergent to clean.



This is not difficult if you want to extend the maintenance cycle. We can choose to wax the stainless steel surface. Waxing is the equivalent of adding a simple protection layer to a stainless steel surface, but the effect lasts only about three months .The cost of waxing is inexpensive.


3. Electroplating

The surface of stainless steel is treated by electroplating to form a durable and effective protective layer and prevent stainless steel from rusting.




Ryan Feng

July 27, 2019

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